The University College Academics Network Netherlands (UCANN) is a network composed of scholars employed at Dutch liberal arts and sciences higher education institutions at the University Colleges in the Netherlands. It unites the community of academics to further the mission of liberal arts education.


  • To create a knowledge platform by sharing best practices, support academic activities, create an online networking space, facilitate faculty exchange, and organize – jointly with the Deans and other colleagues at the UCs – an annual conference for teachers and tutors at the UCs;

  • To foster communication and collaboration with peer communities and organizations inside and outside the Netherlands;

  • To represent and advocate liberal arts and sciences education and research in the Netherlands by acting as a primary interlocutor for universities, government bodies, and other educational, societal, and political institutions.


Representatives from each University College founded UCANN in March 2019. If you are interested in learning more about UCANN and its activities, please contact one of the representatives below.

If you have specific questions about UCANN’s website, please contact our webmaster:


Please find a link to the statutes of the University Colleges Academics Network Netherlands below. Unfortunately, these bylaws are currently only available in Dutch.