During the Lustrum conference at University College Tilburg last April 2019, my colleague Lourens Minnema and I held a workshop on the challenges of diversifying the curriculum. I teach Classical and Modern Political Thought at AUC, and over the last few years I have been trying to make my course branch out to different traditions. So far, I’ve included texts such as Confucius’ Analects, Alfarabi’s Political Regime, Averroes’ Commentary on Plato’s Republic and female authors such as Christine de Pizan and Emma Goldman. These texts met with varying levels of success. But what is success? Emma Goldman’s text on Anarchism was absolutely great for discussion. But her text does not reach the philosophical depths of, say, a Friedrich Nietzsche. This leads me to think about what we are looking for when we seek to diversify the curriculum. Which texts are you reading in similar courses, and which texts work? And… what does it mean for you for a text to work? I would love to hear your ideas.