ECOLAS is announcing the Call for Applications for the 2021 Julie Johnson Kidd Fellowship. Please apply and/or distribute this announcement.

The Fellowship this year has a different focus owing to the experience of the pandemic. It has demonstrated once and for all that university education is not only about the transfer of knowledge but also about the small-scale human interaction between teachers and students as well as among students. The emergency online education during the pandemic simply emphasized the problems of the lectures-exam model that is still predominant in Europe. We believe that the liberal arts model has much to offer over the mono-discipline education that currently prevails in our universities. ECOLAS is issuing the attached Manifesto that outlines the need for a reform of the undergraduate education in Europe.

Based on the ECOLAS Manifesto, the 2021 J. J. Kidd Fellowship seeks to facilitate cooperation between scholars from Liberal Arts and mono-discipline programs within Europe. It offers 8 scholarships for joint projects designed between 2 scholars – one from the Liberal Arts programme and the other from any single discipline department. The two scholars should come from different institutions and special consideration would be given to applicants from different European countries.

There will be up to 8 Scholarships worth 1500 Eur each awarded this year. Deadline for submission of applications is May 17, 2021. The selection results will be published by 31 May, 2021. The awarded applicants will be contacted by the ECOLAS office. All the instructions are on our website and also attached here (Call for applications, ECOLAS Manifesto, Application form). If you need more information, write to or call +421 905 727 785.