Failing Forward event

Sharing your failures can make you more resilient in the future and help you deal with setbacks better. However, only a small minority is willing to do so. It’s time to break the taboo!

If you ask a person whether he or she has failed in the past year, the vast majority will remember a small or big failure. However, only a small minority is willing to share their failures in public. Intuitively, people tend to hide their failures: only when they have been able to turn their failures into a success, they dare to speak up.

To break the taboo and normalize failure, University College Tilburg, study association Extra Muros and Studium Generale invited students, professors and alumni to share their failures, instead of their success stories.

– Prof. Dr. Alkeline van Lenning, Dean, University College Tilburg
– Simona Caputová, Graduate, BA Liberal Arts and Sciences
– Jamie Piroe, Student, Research MA Linguistics and Communication Sciences

Moderator is Dr. Ellen Dreezens.

The event includes a presentation of the book “Success and Failure in Higher Education: Building Resilience in Students”, which has been published as part of the Tilburg Series in Academic Education. Due to a high demand, the hardcopy of the book is available to order for free, in limited numbers. Get your free copy here:

Dr. Tessa Leesen, one of the editors, presents the book to Wim van de Donk, Rector Magnificus and president of the Tilburg University Executive Board.

This event is part of The Resilience Project. Read more on: