UCANN annual meeting programme 2021 (pdf)

Programme 28 October 2021

Location: University Campus Fryslân, Wirdumerdijk 34, Leeuwarden* 12:30 Welcome by prof. Andrej Zwitter, Dean UCF

Living Lab (including informal lunch)

13:00 Opening by dr. Christel Lutz, Chair UCANN

13:15 Inclusive Education Roundtable and Q&A Auditorium

14:15 Tour the UCF campus to parallel workshops

14:30 Parallel workshops in classrooms
1. Workshop Community Engaged Research by dr. Markha Valenta (UCU) 2. Workshop UCANN for U: practical brainstorm on concrete teaching needs

at the colleges, including faculty exchange, course collaboration, guest lectures etc. by dr. Christa van Wijnbergen (EUC & UCANN board member)

15:30 Plenary: reporting back from parallel workshops Auditorium

16:00 UCANN Annual Meeting (formal “Algemene Ledenvergadering”)** Auditorium and hybrid through: meet.google.com/pte-rids-wdb

16:30 Networking borrel & bites Restaurant and Central Hall