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About David Zetland

David Zetland is a university lecturer at Leiden University College, where he convenes the Governance, Economics and Development major and teaches on the commons, economics, entrepreneurship, and sustainability. He received his PhD in Agricultural and Resource Economics from the University of California, Davis in 2008, and held positions in Canada, the Netherlands, Saudi Arabia and the US before coming to LUC. Besides editing and publishing two collections of climate-fiction short stories, he has written over 20 academic articles and chapters, dozens of popular pieces, over 160 reviews, and four books: The End of Abundance (2011), Living with Water Scarcity (2014), The Best of Aguanomics (2018), and The Little Book of The Commons (2022). He reaches the public via his One-handed Economist blog and Jive Talking podcast. David lives in Amsterdam, where he enjoys coffee, genever and many varieties of water.
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