Literature and Character Education

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Following the classical idea of liberal arts and sciences education that education is not only about transferring knowledge but also, and perhaps even more so, about personal development, this volume seeks to advance the discussion of character education at the level of the university, addressing the varying ways in which

Give an interview about teaching in an interdisciplinary context?

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Dear UCANN members, In preparation for a forthcoming edition on interdisciplinarity, we would like to invite you for an online/in person interview on teaching in an interdisciplinary context. With this interview, we seek to understand how integrated interdisciplinarity is in the teaching practises at University Colleges. This research is being

ECOLAS Julie Johnson Kidd Fellowship

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ECOLAS is announcing the Call for Applications for the 2021 Julie Johnson Kidd Fellowship. Please apply and/or distribute this announcement. The Fellowship this year has a different focus owing to the experience of the pandemic. It has demonstrated once and for all that university education is not only about the

Hans Adriaansens Student Awards

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Please distribute amongst your students: Dear LAS students, Your generation has a great deal of hope but also concerns for the future of our societies. While you have a deep desire to make the world a better place, sometimes you feel that your views are not taken seriously or that

Alarm Day: Campaign for University Education

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What and why? The Association of Universities in the Netherlands (VSNU) has asked BKB to support a broad coalition in organising an ‘Alarm Day’ on 6 April to press home the lobby of the VSNU, universities and trade unions. The entire academic community will stand united on this: staff, administrators,


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The European Consortium for Liberal Arts and Sciences (ECOLAS) offers a number of interesting opportunities to students and faculty members, such as student awards, travel grants, and collaborative teaching scholarships. More information may be found here:

Invitation to write a book review

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UCANN is looking for members who are willing to write a book review for the website. Currently the book reviews are published here: In the future, we envision a separate blog on the website for the reviews. A book review is around 750-1000 words. The book review deals with

Failing Forward event

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Failing Forward event Sharing your failures can make you more resilient in the future and help you deal with setbacks better. However, only a small minority is willing to do so. It’s time to break the taboo! If you ask a person whether he or she has failed in the

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